Name: Sarah Masters
Age: 18
Energy Color: Bubble Gum Pink
Bio: Sarah is a lead singer in the Boogey band The Monstrosities. She is in love with Prince Scott but feels rejected after many failed attempts at intimacy. She has come to terms with her biological father, Derek Masters.
Name: Prince Jean-Patrick aka Scott
Age: 15
Energy Color: Tuscan Red
Bio: Scott has undergone special training from his father. He has been told much about his race not even Jeremiah had been told. He fights against General Hos for his rightful place on the throne of the Boogey Realm. Scott has fallen in love with Sarah but he hesitates to express it. He has not come to terms with his dark and cruel nature.
Name: King Jean-Christopher
Age: Unknown
Energy Color: Tainted Crimson
Bio: The Boogey King now tries to balance his inner corruption and the kingdom at once. His once favorite General threatens to take the throne from the Prince. As his energy becomes more tainted, the decisions he makes become worse than planned. As his energy becomes more tainted, his outcomes of his decisions become worse and worse. To give himself more time, he is consuming souls from the Pool, his birthplace.
Name: Lord Hos
Age: Unknown
Energy Color: Violet Blue - Black Grape
Bio: The twin brother to General Cornielius. After the harsh impact left over by the Sand Realm War, Hos has felt the King is no longer suited for his kingship. He has taken his loyal warriors to war against the Boogey Kingdom. Lord Zaron of the Nightmare Kingdom supports his declaration. He has taken Helena as his official bride but what he plans to do with her is yet to be decided.
Name: General Cornielius
Age: Unknown
Energy Color: Peacock Blue - Black Grape
Bio: Corn has never really questioned his brothers motives. When it was revealed that Hos was going to war against their creator he was the first to raise his fist in support. When he is not on the battlefield, he has taken a liking to his twins' three brides. The older two welcome him to their beds, even with Hos' knowledge. Corn is yet to bed Helena; every attempt seems to be ignored or rejected.
Name: Maria
Age: Unknown
Energy Color: blush Pink
Bio: An unexpected turn of events came when Joesphe became jealous of Jeremiah. He wanted not just Jeremiah's life but also his humiliation. A wrong decision led to a deadly duel between the two. Maria managed to end the fight, but was stabbed in the back as she did. Her soul awaits resurrection in the Pool.
Name: Jeremiah
Age: ~2,300
Energy Color:Copenhagen Blue heavily tainted
Bio: Jeremiah became absorbed in his grief over Maria's death. After a lifetime of seemingly ill fate to those he comes to love, his energy became tainted by an overwhelming amount of negativity. However he was saved by Scott and kept from becoming a complete Monster.
Name: Joesphe
Age: 24
Energy Color: Olive Green
Bio: Joseph's jealousy of his friend took the better of him. Having tire of Maria's rejections and her attention constantly on Jeremiah, Joe dishonored her and duel with Jeremiah. The duel had not gone as he expected and was nearly beaten when Maria intervened and saved his life. Having been told to leave, Joe made a last mistake to back stab Jeremiah. The wrong footing however caused his sword to slice Jers arm and stab Maria through the heart. Joe now has been exiled to the Sand Realm.
Name: General Siene
Age: 43
Energy Color:Tainted Pumpkin Orange
Bio: He has a major crush on Whisp and constantly asks her to marry him. However he is always rejected silently. This doesn�t discourage him though, as he believes if she had not her duties he would have a chance. Siene has been on the front lines against Cornielius and his armies. He has won but lost equal amounts of territory during the war. Due to an unexpected turn up, Siene was not present during Hos' attempt to overthrow the palace. His current location is unknown but no one has seen him since the loss of the Western Territory.
Name: Lady Helena
Age: 15
Energy Color: Lavender
Bio: Helena is the youngest of a total of 9 children. She is also the half sister of Jeremiah. Hos has accepted her as his official Bride. Her two eldest sisters are also wives of Hos. She seeks more knowledge through books and questions. She's constantly wanting to learn new and exciting things. Witful and clever. She feels that she is not in love with Hos but has accepted her duty.
Name: Aaron
Age: 18
Energy Color: Pastel Yellow
Bio: Aaron is an only child. He has a stripper father and a by lawyer Mother. Before his senior year in high school he started imagining a young man named Rhobby. Because of this, Aaron is a psychologist. It has helped him come out as a homosexual. Aaron is Sarah's best friend in the human world. He is a danseur who, just after graduation, was accepted into a local dance studio.
Name: Rhobby
Age: ~20
Energy Color: Yellow Orange, slightly tainted
Bio: Rhobby was created by Aaron's subconscious. He is the embodiment of what Aaron expects a man to be like, including homosexual temptations. After being neglected for a short time, he entered ex Imaginary friend stage. He however fought against it and entered Aaron's life again. However things are not going too smoothly between the two.
Name: Darla Mathews
Age: 64
Energy Color:Amber
Bio: Darla is the adoptive mother to Sarah. She raised her as a single mother working a full time job as a personal secretary. She concealed an arrangement made by Derek to have Sarah live with him after she graduated high school. She felt Sarah needed to focus on school and herself before taking on expectations. Darla would do anything for her daughter, even if it meant slapping her boss around a little.
Name: Derek Masters
Age: 44
Energy Color: tainted Brown
Bio:Derek is the owner of a powerful law firm as well as a critcial lawyer. He divorced Sara before Sarah was born. He has had a rough childhood that has developed who he is today.He has decided that Sarah will not take over his company. Instead he wants her to find a career of her dreams.
Name: Whisp
Age: Unknown
Energy Color:Imperial Violet
Bio: Whisp made an unspoken vow to protect and serve Prince Jean-Patrick no matter the cost. She will repeat his commands and orders then dutifully carry them out regardless. She seems to avoid General Siene's attempts to woe her. Her duty to the prince comes before fleeting feelings.
Name: Gary
Age: Unknown
Energy Color:Turqoise
Bio: Gary was hired by King Jean-Christopher to Explore the Davis Mountains and bring back items of great interest. He usually spends a few months at a time and carries a large sack with him. The Davis Mountains is an area in the boogey realm once clear and peaceful. However when an item is lost under the bed, in the closet, under the couch, or just simple disappear in the human world, it usually ends up in the Davis Mountains. The exploration and solidarity gives Gary peace and quiet.
Name: Rex
Age: 120
Energy Color: Red
Bio: The Lead singer of the Monstrosities, Rex is a bad mouthing, bad attitude and a horn dog. Having been raised by two incredibly talented musicians he knows a thing or two about music. He is very much in love with Marita.
Name: Mel
Age: 110
Energy Color: Magenta
Bio: Mel is Rex's younger brother. He is much more calm and toned down. He has an incredible talent involving most percussions. When Mel takes a drum stick in hand, he becomes someone totally different. A wild, incredible mastermind takes over.
Name: Marco
Age: ~213
Energy Color: Grass Green
Bio: The Guitarist for the Monstrosities. A really laid back kind of guy who is rarely seen without his guitar. Taught by his father, Marco is one of the best in the business. Easily befriended Sarah and has often given her advice. He tends to butt heads with Rex over her. It is said he frightens by playing his guitar in such a way that shakes a persons soul.
Name: Marita Darkness
Age: 112
Energy Color:Glowing Green slightly tainted
Bio: Marita is a half Boogey half Human woman. She is an ex bandmate to The Monstrosities. A talented musician; abled to play most any instrument. Has had a past relationship with Rex. She is cynical and skeptical of most beings. Most people who meet her find her upfrontish and brutally honest. But once one has gotten to know her, she can be fiercely affectionate.
Name: Mr. Floppers
Age: ~30
Energy Color:Dark Green
Bio: Mr. Floppers is an ex-imaginary friend created by a little girl who wanted to be a doctor. She performed operations and scientific research on him. Because of his timid and shy nature, Floppers is unable to frighten children to obtain energy. Sarah helped him discover he can take in energy left over from abandoned and mistreated toys long forgotten by children.
Name: Queen Scarlet
Age: 20
Energy Color:Lilac
Bio: Not much is known about the late queen. She died when she was just twenty. From those who knew her believed she was tender and kind to all. Her servants and husband worried she was too good to be a Boogey woman. A much darker past lay hidden within King Jean-Christopher's heart in regards of his late wife.
Name: Sara Masters
Age: 22
Energy Color: Black
Bio:After the divorce, Sara had given birth to Derek's child but kept the newborn a secret the entire time. Sara abused young Sarah both physically and emotionally. When she discovered Sarah missing for a few days, she lost her control. It was on the night Sarah returned from the Boogey world that Sara attempted to murder her. She ended up dead before Sarah's very eyes.

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